1. Freedman, Helen MSC, RN, FHEA

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The OpenLabyrinth platform ( is a web-based application that can be used to develop the clinical reasoning skills of nursing students by enabling virtual patients to be presented through images, video, avatars, and narrative text. A "branched" virtual patient design is used to enable the students choose which course of action to take from the various options provided, with each decision the student makes leading to a different outcome. Images and videos are used to help students contextualize the virtual patient and gain exposure to information relevant to the clinical condition or diagnosis. Web links can be embedded, which direct students to pertinent guidelines or literature, and the scenarios can include questions related to the key learning outcomes. A survey was administered to evaluate the perceptions of baccalaureate nursing students using the scenarios; 83% of students agreed that using the virtual patient scenario helped improve their understanding of the clinical condition, and 17% somewhat agreed. Looking at perceptions of engagement, 56% of respondents somewhat agreed with the statement "Using the virtual patient scenarios encouraged me to engage with the module," and 44% agreed. Embedding virtual patient scenarios into module content allows students to further their understanding of clinical conditions and provides them with an opportunity to develop their clinical reasoning skills. Students find this technology to provide an interactive and engaging experience, and it can be used in many courses in a nursing curriculum.