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Biblical Insights for Nursing Education & Practice is a well-written devotional suitable for nursing students, faculty, and nurses alike. The six authors-Sylvia Heinze, Kristina Currier, Susan Draine, Debra Drake, Barbara Hulsman, and Patricia Kershaw-are part of Indiana Wesleyan University's nursing faculty; they have demonstrated their creativity, nursing insights and expertise, and application to the Bible in developing these 267 scripturally based devotionals for each book of the Bible. This resource is appropriate to use as a classroom or faculty-based devotional, personal devotional, care facility resource, or as a supplemental text for faith-based programs.

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Each Old and New Testament book is introduced, providing the reader with historical context, background, key words, themes, and an outline. The content is beautifully color-coded based on the specific book of the Bible's category: the Pentateuch, books of history, poetry and wisdom books, major prophets, minor prophets, gospels and the early church, letters from the apostle Paul to the church, letters from Paul to specific church leaders, and letters from others.


Daily devotionals are written in 5-day sections featuring a key Scripture, passage, a prayer for the day, and a devotional text connecting the Scripture to one of 20 nursing concepts (such as communication, conflict, evidence-based practice, excellence, integrity, leadership, mentoring, scholarship, and teams). A number of these devotionals are also supported by the nursing literature, providing an additional resource to be explored. Each of the 5-day sections is followed by a journaling page, providing opportunities for reflection, prayer, and plans for championing God's Word in the coming week. Readers may also find the topic index at the back of the book helpful, should they want to read a selection based on a key nursing concept.


We recognize that time is a limited commodity for each of us in the profession. Too often as a student, I sacrificed time in God's Word to work on assignments that were due or tasks that needed to be completed. As a nurse and educator, I have struggled to find a way to incorporate a quiet time into my day on a consistent basis; I cut myself off from the very source of strength that would have carried through the demands of the day.


With the current challenges we face in education and in our practice, being grounded in God's Word continues to be a priority. It is the foundation for all we do. This book of readings provides a simple way to make that possible.


Biblical Insights for Nursing Education & Practice. (2018). Kendall Hunt Publishing.


-Christy Secor, DNP, RN, CDWF, is NCF's Professional Ministries Director



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