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community-based participatory research, community health, cultural congruency, faith community nurse, interprofessional, Nigeria, short-term medical mission



  1. Otey, Tamara D.


ABSTRACT: The purpose of this study was to empower interprofessional Nigerian healthcare volunteers with knowledge and skills to promote community health. The U.S. researcher engaged in community-based participatory research in the context of a long-term partnership of annual short-term medical missions. Using a pre/posttest study design, three Nigerian nurses and the researcher co-taught Foundations of Faith Community Nursing in a 3-day class to 76 participants. The t-test analysis and informal evaluation of participants' performance at a mobile clinic demonstrated strong evidence of learning, suggesting that the teaching was an effective method to empower members of the Nigerian interprofessional team with the knowledge and skill to provide effective culturally congruent community healthcare.