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  1. Catlin, Anita PhD, FNP, CNL, FAAN

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As Editor and Editorial Board, we wish you, our readers, a Happy New Year! This issue focuses on hospital concerns, with interesting articles to share. The articles come from within and outside the United States. They highlight the current practice of interprofessional teams (nurses, research scientists, physicians, physician assistants, librarians, statisticians) working together to improve patient care quality and safety.

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Two articles are related to operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the first article, Shelton describes practicing cardiopulmonary resuscitation code blues while wearing personal protective equipment. In the second, an interdisciplinary COVID Perioperative Workgroup (Dibbs, Ferry, Mehl, Dunn, Enochs, Ferguson, Archer, Ward, and Winebar) exquisitely delineate how they ensured both patient and provider safety by screening patients for COVID before needed surgeries.


Pediatric nurse practitioner contributions are described by Duffy, Caspusan, and Shea. In their work, a 20% improvement in operating room on-time starts occurs when a pediatric nurse practitioner is added to the perioperative team.


An interdisciplinary team from Rochester Medical Center (Bawany, Bayer, Foito, Gleason, Michels, Philip, Pulhamus, Wakeman, and Schriefer) describe how they developed an evidence-based checklist for inpatient pediatric surgical rounding. A team from Iran (Kalantari, Zamanian, Jamali, Faghihi, Hasanshahi, and Gheysari) describes the needed nontechnical talents of circulating nurses. An interprofessional team from Sweden (Bergstrom, Dellenmark-Blom, Gatzinsky, Abrahamsson, Brautigam, and Gatzinsky) reports on the creation of a transition model for children with inflammatory bowel disease into adult care.


Catlin reviews a fascinating book on living donor organ transplants. Two letters to the editor discuss previously published articles. We encourage readers to send us letters about our publications. Keep the scholarly and clinical dialogue flowing! This is your journal.


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