1. Hankerson, Christine RN

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FA Davis Co., 404 N. 2nd St. Philadelphia, PA 19123, (800) 323-3555, (215) 440-3001, Fax (215) 440-3016. E-mail:; 2003, 300 pp., softcover, 0-8036, 1053-X, $28.95


This book presents a framework for caring for the elderly. Topics discussed begin with what aging is and continue through the various systems of the older adult. There is a chapter that speaks to the role of a licensed practical or vocational nurse. The book is divided into two units: Foundations of Care for the Older Adult and Clinical Practice. Foundations of Care presents issues that may influence an older person's life while Clinical Practice gives practical information in caring for the older adult in a clinical setting.


The title of the book is misleading because there is little about holistic care. Nor does the title indicate the target audience is licensed practical nurses (LPNs). Another weakness of the book is the discussion of the topic of delegating. The LPN may have a different scope of practice depending on the state in which he/she practices; differences in state practice acts are unclear. Conclusions are drawn about ethics, but the examples given are not clear cut. Scientific research is mentioned as a term but not used to elaborate on the topic. The material presented is focused on Pennsylvania throughout the book and is not general enough for other states. Material on infectious diseases is presented, but hepatitis C is omitted, and there are increasing numbers of affected persons in the United States. Alzheimer's disease is not discussed sufficiently considering over 4.5 million adults are affected with the disease. The researcher whom the disease is named after is not mentioned.


The strengths of the book are the way in which the material is presented and the case study and study questions at the end of each chapter.