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On this month's cover is Pregnant Planet:Mother Earth's Call to Nurture the Place that Nurtures Us from the First Moments of Life, a pastel drawing by Susan L. Prescott, MD, PhD. A pediatrician, immunologist, artist, author, and advocate for ecological and social justice, she says that the artwork "depicts an intimate personal and nurturing relationship with our planet." Prescott is also the founding president of inVIVO Planetary Health, an initiative to promote evidence and advocacy efforts for a healthier environment. (Visit to learn about her work and see more of her art.)

Figure. On this mont... - Click to enlarge in new windowFigure. On this month's cover is

In their Environments and Health article in this issue, "Planetary Health Nursing," authors Jessica LeClair and Teddie Potter explore the concept of planetary health-which they describe as "interconnectedness of the health of humans, other species, and the physical environment"-and its nursing implications. Nurses, the authors posit, can play a key role in leading efforts to restore the health of individuals and ecosystems. To that end, they outline practical strategies nurses can use to address planetary health in research, education, advocacy, and practice.-Diane Szulecki, editor