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community health, data display, data retrieval, internet, health statistics, population health, World Wide Web



  1. Friedman, Daniel J. PhD
  2. Parrish, R. Gibson II MD


Based on a review of state public health department Web sites, this article describes Web-based Data Query Systems (WDQSs) currently used in 27 US states. In addition, functionalities of selected well-established state WDQSs are defined as major functionalities (11), subfunctionalities (21), and specific functionalities (141), on the basis of a consensus process with participants from states and national organizations in the United States and Canada. Also, on the basis of the consensus process, specific functionalities are categorized as core, enhanced, and expert. Key terms relevant to WDQSs are defined. The information contained in this article should prove useful to public health agencies developing, revising, or evaluating the WDQS.