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assessment initiative, Web-based data query system



  1. Gjelsvik, Annie PhD
  2. Buechner, Jay PhD


Background: Individual states have made different decisions regarding Web-based data query systems (WDQSs). The goal of this study was to help state, county, or city health departments deploy or update a WDQS by showing how different decisions are guided by unique situations within states at particular times.


Methods: Interviews were held with key informants from 10 states that had a WDQS to determine factors relating to how these states implemented their WDQSs.


Results: Three states designed and developed their own systems, three states implemented systems directly using a Web-query software package, two states adopted systems developed by other states, one state designed and developed its own system after adopting a system, and one state used a Web-query software package to implement a system after attempting to adopt a system. None of the states used a commercial off-the-shelf system to implement a WDQS. All the WDQSs were located in the health statistics office or in an umbrella division of the public health agency that included the health statistics office. The skill set of available personnel had a significant impact on a state's implementation decision.


Conclusions: All key informants reported satisfaction with their decisions regarding implementing a WDQS. This provides support for states currently considering any of these options.