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Asian Indian, Diabetes, Hong Kong, Hypertension, mHealth, Migrant, Mobile Health, Noncommunicable disease



  1. Garner, Shelby L. PhD, RN, CNE
  2. Wong, Cho Lee PhD, RN
  3. Young, Phil PhD
  4. Fendt, Matthew PhD
  5. Hitchcock, Julia MFA
  6. George, Carolin Elizabeth MD


The use of mobile technologies to improve health outcomes or mobile health is rapidly evolving, and culturally relevant resources are needed to address health disparities among vulnerable populations. Noncommunicable disease health disparities among Asian Indian migrants to Hong Kong are prevalent. A mobile health application designed to improve hypertension and type 2 diabetes mellitus health literacy was tested using a mixed-methods design to determine its impact on improving health literacy among this subpopulation. Quantitative findings indicated the mobile health application was effective in improving health literacy. Qualitative findings revealed participant perceptions about the application explored its informative nature, usability and likability of application components, and its ability to initiate intentionality for a healthier lifestyle among users. This feedback was valuable to ensure future modifications that will promote the application's scalability and sustainability.