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  1. Eroglu, Hacer MSc, RN
  2. Gok Metin, Zehra PhD, RN


This study aimed to investigate the effects of the Benson relaxation technique combined with music therapy on fatigue, anxiety, and depression levels of patients undergoing hemodialysis. This randomized controlled study was conducted with 61 patients (30 patients in the intervention group, 31 patients in the control group) in a province located in Turkey. This 8-week, randomized, clinical trial was carried out in 2 hemodialysis units. After the patients in both groups were informed about the study, the Piper Fatigue Scale and the Hospital Anxiety and Depression Scale were administered to the patients. All subdomain scores of the Piper Fatigue Scale in the intervention group were significantly lower at weeks 4, 8, and 10 than those of the control group (P < .05). The intervention group had significantly lower Anxiety subscale scores than those of the control group at week 10 (P < .05). Similarly, Depression subscale scores were significantly lower in the intervention group at weeks 8 and 10 than those in the control group (P < .05). The findings suggest that Benson relaxation technique combined with music therapy is an effective approach to manage fatigue, anxiety, and depression symptoms related to hemodialysis.