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Tracheostomy, Tracheostomy tubes, Respiratory care, Standardization, Cost containment, Clinical outcomes



  1. Crimlisk, Janet T. MS, RN, ANP
  2. O'Donnell, Charles MS, RRT
  3. Grillone, Gregory A. MD, FACS


Tracheostomy tubes are made of a variety of materials, components, and styles. In a recent merger of our hospitals, we noted a large assortment of tubes available for clinicians. The different tubes resulted in complaints from staff, which included confusion, delays in obtaining preferred tubes, and inconsistent shelf stock. A multidisciplinary task force was formed to recommend standardizing the styles of tracheostomy tubes. A comparison of tracheotomy procedures, tracheostomy tube usage, and tube costs were done 6 months before and 6 months after the standardization. The number of tube styles decreased from 9 to 4; specialty extra-long tubes decreased from 3 to 2. There were no cost savings in standardizing the tracheostomy tubes.