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  1. Bernard, R. Oscar PhD, RN
  2. Sanford, Ashley MA, PMP
  3. Duffy, Allyson PhD, RN
  4. Rechenberg, Kaitlyn PhD, RN
  5. Lopez, Maikelyn MS
  6. Brown, Kimberly BS


Background: Promoting civility in nursing education can be accomplished with civility teams, assessing perceptions of civility and developing initiatives to address areas needing improvement.


Problem: There is a lack of information about the effectiveness of civility teams in nursing education, leading to uncertainty on how to develop and assess civility teams.


Approach: This article discusses how 1 school of nursing implemented a civility team and used the Clark Healthy Work Environment Inventory to assess the impact of the team.


Outcomes: The civility team used the inventory responses from 110 team members to establish civility action items. One year later, the inventory was repeated, and the responses from 122 team members were used to evaluate the impact of the civility action items.


Conclusion: This program evaluation indicates an effective way for nursing programs to develop civility initiatives using a validated assessment tool to create and evaluate civility action items.