1. Gorski, Lisa A. MS, APRN, BC, CRNI

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This second edition of Chemotherapy and Biotherapy Guidelines and Recommendations for Practice is a comprehensive reference for the nurse who administers to or cares for patients undergoing cancer treatment. It is a well-organized and evidence-based text. Information is provided in an easy-to-follow outline format. Numerous tables, illustrations, and practice tools supplement the outlined information. Although many of the chemotherapy and biotherapy drugs are not administered in the home setting, the home care nurse has a significant role in patient monitoring and patient education. The sections addressing side effect management, patient education, and post-treatment care provide the nurse with a framework for patient care in any setting. Specific tools for home care are provided, such as a spill kit procedure for patients receiving home infusion chemotherapy and a patient education tool addressing safe management of chemotherapy in the home, including such issues as handling of laundry, skin care, and handling of body wastes. Nursing flow sheets that could be adapted for home care are also provided in the appendix.