1. Hsu, Hui-Chu MS
  2. Liang, Jing-Min MS
  3. Chu, I-Hua PhD
  4. Chang, Jyh-Jong PhD
  5. Wu, Wen-Lan PhD, PT


Purpose: This single-arm clinical study aimed to design a new exercise intervention strategy based on the transtheoretical model and discuss its influence for elders at different stages of the behavior change.


Methods: Fifteen participants in the maintenance stage (MP) and 15 participants under the maintenance stage (MPb) participated in a 12-week structured exercise and a 12-week autonomous group class training.


Results and Conclusions: The new intervention model successfully improved the amount, efficiency, and adherence of physical activity, and enhanced the functional fitness for both groups. The exercise behavior for MPb group successfully progressed to the next stage.