1. Brakovich, Betsy MSN, RN, CNN

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While I understand the premise behind "Desperately Seeking Legitimacy" (Viewpoint, October 2005), I take exception to the author's assertion that advanced degree abbreviations and certification accolades are a way of boasting. I'm lucky to be employed at a hospital that supports advanced education and requires certification for various RN positions. The nursing environment at this hospital is challenging and stimulating, and all RNs proudly display their accolades on their badges. It's inaccurate to say that a nurse with an advanced degree has no place at the bedside. Nurses with PhDs are giving bedside care and loving it. We work together as a team, and I don't see a caste system-rather, I see an environment in which we challenge and learn from one another. My nursing license is my foundation; my advanced education and certification are the building blocks of my professional practice.


Betsy Brakovich, MSN, RN, CNN