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  1. Gill, Marianne MS, RN
  2. Hirsch, Adina PharmD, BCNSP
  3. Wilson, Nicole MSN, RN, CPHIMS


The use of an in-line, 1.2-[mu]m filter is recommended for the intravenous (IV) infusion of parenteral nutrition (PN), also known as 3-in-1, total nutrient admixture (TNA), or all-in-one, and injectable lipid emulsions (ILEs) infused alone through a separate IV line. While filtration of TNA was mandated in 1994 to improve patient safety, the recommendation for filtering lipid emulsions alone is relatively new and has not been adopted by all clinicians. In addition, literature references and postmarket surveillance data cite the occurrence of infusion pump occlusion alarms, which may be indicative of a clogged filter. The following review article provides an overview of filter recommendations for PN and ILE, describes the challenges of filtration with PN and ILE, and includes recommendations to minimize pump occlusion alarms that may occur from a clogged filter.