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  1. Hu, Elaine
  2. Shams, Maryam BSc
  3. Shirvani, Daniel
  4. Badii, Maziar MD, MHSc, FRCPC


This study aimed to develop a quality assessment tool for outpatient infusion clinics, as a lack of literature exists on the subject. The authors conducted a literature review targeting studies since 2016 to identify variables that affect patient satisfaction in outpatient infusion clinics. Due to the limited number of relevant studies found, the authors shadowed 2 infusion clinic nurses to capture additional determinants of outpatient infusion clinic quality. A total of 72 variables relevant to an outpatient infusion quality assessment tool were listed. From this list of variables, a pilot survey was conducted at an outpatient rheumatology infusion clinic to assess patient satisfaction with 16 variables of interest. The pilot survey (N = 43) revealed that patients were relatively dissatisfied with walking to clinics, lack of access to public transit, lack of parking and/or free parking, lack of privacy, and flexible scheduling and/or cancellation policies. These findings demonstrate how the assessment tool may highlight specific areas of concern at an infusion clinic to identify targets for future quality improvement initiatives. Therefore, the tool presented has the potential to improve the quality of care provided to patients attending infusion facilities.