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continuous quality improvement, drug infusion safety, medication errors, patient safety



  1. Burdeu, Gabrielle RN, (Hons) Grad Dip (Advanced Nursing-Critical Care), Grad Cert-Evidence Based Practice
  2. Crawford, Ruth RN, Dip Hos Nursing & Unit Mgt, B App Sc Adv Nurs (Nurs Admin), FRCNA
  3. van de Vreede, Melita B Pharm, Grad Dip Hosp Pharm
  4. McCann, Joanne RN, Grad Dip (Advanced Nursing-Critical Care), MA (Ed), MBA


A comprehensive multidisciplinary approach was used to improve drug infusion safety in an acute care hospital in Melbourne, Australia. This project aimed to reduce the potential for drug infusion-related error, improve drug infusion safety for patients, and encourage incident reporting to inform and guide continuous quality improvement projects. The project applied a systems approach to medication safety, using redesign strategies such as continuous quality improvement (plan, do, study, and act) and reengineering. Key safety design concepts such as standardization, simplification, and forcing functions were also used.