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hospital readmission, integrative literature review, patients with heart failure



  1. Anderson, Mary Ann PhD, RN
  2. Levsen, Janice MA, RN
  3. Dusio, Marie E. DC, RN
  4. Bryant, Paula J. BSN, RN
  5. Brown, Sarah M. BSN, RN
  6. Burr, Cynthia M. BSN, RN
  7. Brown-Benn, Carrie BSN, RN


The purpose of this project was to organize the variables associated with the hospital readmission of patients with heart failure (HF) into a usable framework to inform clinical practice and facilitate administrative decision making. An integrated, systematic review of the literature was used as the research approach. A content analysis of the sample (31 research reports from the years 1986-2004) yielded multiple factors associated with the hospital readmission of HF patients. Factors and their definitions were extracted, grouped into like categories, and eventually classified into 5 domains-demographic, physiologic, psychosocial, patient functioning, and resource utilization. The resulting framework has clinical, research, and administrative implications in the delivery of care to HF patients.