1. Hannah, Janet RN, CGRN

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To the Editor:


I applaud you for the editorial in September/October Gastroenterology Nursing, 28(5), on professionalism. I have been a nurse for 30 years. During that time, I have always tried to present myself as the best I could be. I attended conferences and took courses for continuing education when it wasn't required for licensing because I wanted to keep up with what was current. I felt then, and still do, that it is my responsibility to educate myself. If I am to be a peer to others in my profession I must show I am up to the task.


Appearance, actions, and attitude show what your profession means to you. We must lead by example. I agree that our attire at meetings should be fitting to who we are and what we are: an integral part of a team performing very necessary work. How we behave and represent ourselves to others determines how others perceive us and is why nurses still do not have the level of respect across the board that our profession deserves.


This is also true on the job. Be on time, clean, neat, and ready to work. Watch what you say and where you say it; let our patients come in contact with the best of who we are.


Encouragement to others for joining SGNA, for attending conferences, and for pursuing certification is vital. Again, lead by example. Share yourself with others. Help nursing to be the best it can be. Help our profession to grow and prosper.


Still loving what I do,


Janet Hannah RN, CGRN


(e-mail:, Region 64, West Virginia