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In addition to NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE, held virtually on June 14-16, the American Society for Nutrition is offering a new, year-round experience for learning, networking, and engagement! Staying current with the latest advancements in nutrition is critical, and now it's easier than ever. NUTRITION 2022 keeps you up-to-date all year long. Pick and choose what you want-short sessions, multiple days, clinical information, or science-or get the All-Access pass. NUTRITION 2022 allows you to create a customized experience.


NUTRITION 2022 Live Online

June 14-16

NUTRITION 2022 LIVE ONLINE is the premier event for the entire nutrition community. Join us for new, original science presentations, featured sessions, award lectures, dialogue sessions with experts, and more. Highlights include the following:


* Opening Session: Precision Nutrition-New Scientific Horizons: Hear about the advancements being made toward personalized nutrition recommendations, driven by the NIH Strategic Plan for Nutrition Research and the NIH Common Fund's Nutrition for Precision Health, powered by the All of Us Research Program.


* Nutrition Information/Misinformation: Who's Right? Who Gets to Decide?: In the US Department of Agriculture's W.O. Atwater Lecture, Dr Alice Lichtenstein, Stanley N. Gershoff Professor of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, will discuss the challenges of nutrition communications and the discordance of the information that engenders distrust and impedes public health efforts.


* Great Debates in Nutrition: Does the Concept of "Ultra-Processed Foods" Help Inform Dietary Guidelines, Beyond Conventional Classification Systems?: Dietary guidelines are increasingly recommending against ultraprocessed foods, but the proposed classifications of these foods are controversial. Is there sufficient evidence to recommend the avoidance of ultraprocessed foods to optimize health?


* Effective Use of Social Media in Nutrition Research and Practice: Learn how to use social media to disseminate evidence-based nutrition messaging, including writing messages for your audience and creating informative and engaging content.



The following virtual events are offered throughout the year to allow for nonstop learning and engagement. Visit for dates and times.


Nutrition Rounds-Research To Practice

Developed for practicing clinicians, this series of Continuing Medical Education- and Continuing Professional Education-accredited events discusses advances in nutrition science and their applications in practice. Highlights include the following:


* Fasting in Current Clinical Practice


* Hot Topics in Clinical Oncology


* Advances in the Treatment of Obesity



Deep Dives

Join researchers for in-depth scientific discussions, featuring presentations, live Q&A, small group discussions, and networking opportunities. Highlights include the following:


* Micronutriomics for Women, Infant and Child-Focused Public Health Interventions


* The 100th Anniversary of the Discovery of Vitamins D and E In partnership with The Journal of Nutrition


* Food for the Brain: Bridging the Nutrition and Neurology Scientific Communities




These workshops discuss improving research conduct and analysis, science communication, and other key topics. Highlights include the following:


* Best Practices for Human Nutrition RCTs: Learn about the design and conduct of human nutrition randomized controlled trials, documentation, data analysis, and reporting of results.


* Excel in Peer Review: Learn how to get involved in peer review with the American Society for Nutrition's leading scientific journals, including the American Society for Nutrition's approach to peer review, steps to critically appraise a scientific manuscript, and ethical considerations.



Sponsored Satellite Programs

The American Society for Nutrition's partners host discussions on the latest topics affecting nutrition, health, and food systems. Highlights include the following:


* The Glycemic Index 30 Years Later: A Fresh Look at its Reliability, Utility and Value, sponsored by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education


* Nutrition Security in America: Food Assistance Programs and the Impact on Diet Quality, sponsored by General Mills


* Looking Beyond Individual Nutrients: The Magic of the Food Matrix, sponsored by the National Dairy Council


* Determinants of Healthy and Sustainable Diets, sponsored by Nestle


* Towards an Evidence-Based Definition and Classification of Carbohydrate Food Quality, sponsored by Potatoes


* Exploring the Role of Selected Vitamins and Essential Nutrients in Cognition, sponsored by Chromadex and Balchem



This innovative redesign of NUTRITION 2022 allows you to engage with the nutrition community with educational and professional development opportunities all year long. Visit for the latest updates and to register.