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NANN is thrilled to host a new hybrid conference experience this fall! NANN's 38th Annual Conference, taking place September 14-17, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada, will offer live and virtual options for all attendees. Celebrate Neonatal Nurses Week together in the heart of the Las Vegas strip or from the comfort of home.


NANN in Vegas will offer the latest clinical education and new networking opportunities for neonatal nurses and advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs). The 38th Annual Conference will cover hot topics in neonatology such as:


* COVID-19 Update


* Hyperbilirubinemia


* Telehealth


* Genetic Disorders


* Advocacy


* Opioid Use Disorder


* Family-Centered Care


* Burnout and Resiliency


Visit to stay up to date with the latest conference details and register before August 1 to take advantage of discounted pricing!



Opening General Session


Banishing Burnout: Resiliency and Well-being for Neonatal Nurses

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Eileen T. O'Grady, PhD, RN, NP


The complex environment that neonatal nurses inhabit requires a fierce commitment to one's own well-being. This session will present the evidence on how we can navigate difficulty and still flourish as human beings and become the CEO of our own lives. A nurse practitioner wellness expert will present ideas on how to practice self-leadership, form habits that serve us and practice extreme self-care, no matter your circumstances.


Second General Session


The Racial Disparity in Adverse Birth Outcome: Putting the Spotlight on Structural Racism

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James W. Collins, Jr, MD, MPH


Despite dramatic improvements in neonatal intensive care since the 1960s, the African American:non-Latinx White infant mortality rate ratio increased from 1.6 to 2.2. Preterm birth is the primary determinant of infant survival, and African American infants remain more than twice as likely to be born less than 34 weeks compared with White infants. This presentation will highlight the presenter's research team's published studies on the impact of race as a social construct, thus addressing the impact of racism in its various forms, on birth outcome. As clinicians in the neonatal intensive care unit, neonatal nurses will be better prepared to make a meaningful difference in parents' lives during this time of crisis by relating to them with understanding and respect. Moreover, as members of society, neonatal nurses will be encouraged to support initiatives that address the social and economic inequities that are the root cause of birth outcome disparities.


Closing General Session


Celebration of the Radical Power of Nursing

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Sarah DiGregorio


Sarah's experience of motherhood has been radically altered by the excellent care her family received from nurses. During her presentation, Sarah will describe how the practice of 3 nurses worked in her life and moved her to write about the radical power of nursing. She will trace the stories of nurses from the past to show how nursing is an ancient, powerful, and independent discipline that contains within it the progressive capacity for innovation and for justice through caring. How we care for one another-and how we care for caregivers-is central to our country's ability to move forward to a more just and healthy future.



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