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Challenges, Implementation, Web-evaluation, Web-intervention



  1. BOND, GAIL E. PhD, RN


The emergence of the World Wide Web in the last decade has introduced the belief that the Internet has the potential to revolutionize healthcare delivery and empower consumers. Given the power of technology to change the way we live, the healthcare community has begun to explore the feasibility of delivering interventions via the Web, including personalized care with chronic disease management. The purpose of this article is to describe this researcher's experience with the development and implementation of a Web-based intervention to enhance diabetes self-management for older adults. Challenges faced by the project involved inadequate funding to cover technology issues (programming, graphics design, etc),decisions regarding the appropriate environment/framework, and questions on how to merge the practice and theory of a given discipline with the limitations of Internet technology. This article will examine and discuss these issues and make recommendations on possible methods of improving the process.