1. Catlin, Anita PhD, FNP, CNL, FAAN

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This issue of Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing, 11:02, is on safety. The issue begins with articles on infection. Both pharmacist Nang and nurse practitioner Pasaron have articles exploring the diarrhea condition of Clostridium difficile (C. diff). This is a very serious problem in healthcare, and per the Joint Commission, the total annual C. diff-attributable cost in the United States is approximately $6.3 billion and the total annual C. diff-related inpatient hospital days is nearly 2.4 million.

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An article by Lomba, Abreu, Oliveira, Pereira, Backes, and Graveto explains how both hospital and clinic nurses must protect the transmission of bacteria via their uniforms or scrubs. Bayless, discussing COVID-19 infection, provides a review of children's resources on the disease and getting vaccinated.


Three articles discuss issues related to items potentially unsafe for children. Garcia, Cochrum, Dutton, and Nguyen report on pressure injuries from antithrombolytic stockings and how to prevent them. Lao, Theodorou, and Kohler, in Name the Diagnosis, reveal the dangers of magnets in children's toys and a case in which a child swallows them. Darcy and Barbanel-Yuni educate us on how to safely dispose of narcotics used postoperatively for children and describe the distribution of prepared activated carbon bags.


The issue continues with a discussion of pediatric emergency department trauma practice. Dorman, Ciurzynski, and Wakeman report how the use of simulation drills can contribute to safety in the actual trauma response.


The issue ends with an extremely thoughtful article by award-winning Dr. Quinn Grundy, from Canada. Grundy's contribution to safety is to ask us to carefully consider how we are using product vendors in healthcare. She asks the pediatric surgical nurse to evaluate how we buy, use, and educate about new products and cautions on the reliance we have come to have on sales representatives.


We hope this issue will help to keep you practicing safely. We want to hear from our readers. Please write to us about the articles you read here. Your thoughts matter!


Thank you, Anita Catlin, Editor, and Editorial Board Members, Journal of Pediatric Surgical Nursing.