It's easy to check out a new location before you move.


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The Internet is a gold mine for anyone who's relocating. Not only can you job-search nationwide from your own living room, but you can also investigate different locations, see photographs, find out about facilities in the region, and locate good maps. Some sites that are particularly helpful include:

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[black small square] USA City Linkhttp://www.usacitylink.comThis site has links to information on many U.S. cities. Just select a state, then a city, and you'll get connections to information about real estate, entertainment, weather, transportation, and so on.


[black small square] Bureau of Labor Statisticshttp://www.bls.govWant the nitty-gritty on facts and figures for a location? Try this site. It's especially good for employment and salary figures.


[black small square] LocalYahoo!!http://www.yahoo.comJust click "Local" on the top bar and enter a search term (such as hospital or restaurant) and the zip code. Yahoo will come up with maps and links to information.


[black small square] Salary Calculatorhttp://www.homefair.com/homefair/calc/salcalc.htmlWant to see what your current salary would be worth in another location? Just feed it in and enter a city you're thinking of relocating to. You'll find out how much you'd have to make there to live comparably to the way you live now.


[black small square] MapQuesthttp://www.mapquest.comGive an address and you'll get a map of the area, which you can zoom in or out of, depending on how detailed a result you want. Enter two addresses and you'll get a map and driving directions between them. Wonder how far your residence would be from work, school, or library? To find out, just enter the addresses.