1. Whitehead, Phyllis B. PhD, APRN/CNS, ACHPN, PMGT-BC, FNAP, FAAN

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It has been an eventful Spring with the resurgence of the Omicron BA.2 subvariant and rising COVID-19 cases, the unbelievable guilty verdict of Radonda Vaught for negligent homicide and gross neglect and war in Ukraine.

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There has never been an more crucial time for Clinical Nurse Specialists (CNSs) to provide their clinical expertise and leadership.


As I mentioned in my Incoming President's Message in March, please continue to be mindful of our fellow nurses and colleagues in the Ukraine. For more information (#NursesforPeace campaign a call for peace, condemn attacks on healthcare, and support nurses on the frontlines.)


I am committed to advocating for you and NACNS. There are many internal and external challenges and opportunities that we must continue to work collectively to address. There is strength in uniting and speaking with one voice. First and most importantly, it is critical that NACNS be an open, diverse and inclusive organization for ALL CNSs. NACNS is the only organization representing ALL CNSs and I am committed that NACNS be a place where all CNSs find value and seek resources to enhance your practice and competency.


So, if we don't have what you are looking for, please let me know! I want to hear what I can do to garner your membership and support.



I have been busy representing NACNS at a number of events to ensure NACNS is at the table representing CNSs. I attended the 41st Annual American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses in Philadelphia where I met numerous CNSs who are making a difference everyday in the peri-anesthesia front as well as making important contacts with other nursing organizations. Additionally, I met with representatives from American Nurses Credentialing Center to continue our collaboration and seek additional opportunities for NACNS and you as members including the Call for Content Expert Volunteers as Certified Adult-Gerontology CNSs.



Additionally, NACNS heard you when you asked for more resources and training in pharmacology, credentialing, billing, pediatric, neonatal and many more topics. NACNS launched our new Learning Management System (LMS) late April! Featured education included the CNS Transition to Practice and Certification Bundles to support CNSs through these processes.



If you have not already obtained your National Provider Identifier (NPI) please do so TODAY at It is critical to quantify our numbers and value as we need to be recognized as advanced practice registered nurses by the Occupational Employment Wage Statistics (OEWS) formally the Standard Classification Standard which will be updated in 2024. NACNS is preparing our campaign to address this injustice, but we need YOU to complete your NPI registration. The more that signup for this (free) the stronger your profession becomes. You are helping yourself. Make a note to get your NPI number this week.


We also are preparing for CNS Week in September, launched an Achievement Board and have been working hard on PR and marketing.



I will not stop advocating for CNSs[horizontal ellipsis]for YOU. Together we advocate for our patients, nursing organizations and ourselves. Together we are UNSTOPPABLE ADVOCATES.

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