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agility, clinical nurse specialist, COVID-19, impact, pandemic



  1. Mamais, Fotine MSN, RN, GNP, BC-GCNS
  2. Jasdhaul, Maninder MSN, RN, ACNS-BC
  3. Gawlinski, Anna PhD, RN, CNS-BC, ACNP-BC
  4. Lawanson-Nichols, Mary MSN, RN, CNS, NP, CCRN
  5. Kao, Yuhan MSN, RN, CNS, CCRN
  6. Branom, Raquel DNP, RN, ACNS-BC
  7. Ansryan, Lianna Z. MSN, CNS, PHN, RN-GERO


Purpose/Objectives: This article describes the contributions of the clinical nurse specialist in navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure patient and staff safety while providing science-based quality of care.


Description: The group of clinical nurse specialists using advanced practice knowledge and skills within the 3 spheres of impact (ie, patient, organization, and nurse) developed and implemented strategies that supported frontline clinicians and met emerging organizational needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Outcomes: The clinical nurse specialist's agility was imperative in navigating the challenges of the pandemic to ensure the safety of patients and staff by providing strategies and standardization to workflow processes across the organization.


Conclusion: The group's combined clinical expertise and support of frontline nurses positioned the clinical nurse specialist to rapidly escalate the bedside nurse's concerns and provide recommendations to improve workflow while maintaining patient and staff safety.