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CNS directory, CNS programs, CNS education



  1. SPROSS, JUDITH A. Member, NACNS Education Committee
  2. GERARD, PEGGY S. Member, NACNS Education Committee and Board Liaison
  3. FRANCE, NANCEY Member, NACNS Education Committee


Interest in clinical nurse specialist (CNS) programs continues to increase as market demands for CNSs have risen. Schools of nursing are responding to this demand by expanding existing programs and opening new programs. In 2003, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists (NACNS) published a Directory of Clinical Nurse Specialist Programs. Since that publication, NACNS has continued to update this directory as they receive written notification of new programs or changes in program offerings. This year, the Education Committee of NACNS updated the existing Directory information using data from the 2004 American Association of Colleges of Nursing and NACNS survey of clinical nurse specialist master's level programs. This article provides a current list of CNS programs in the United States.