1. DePuit, Marion BSN, RN

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I have read the November Reflections by Suellen Hozman ("The Other Cancer Story") several times, and each time I am saddened. She writes, "Cancer wasn't my epiphany. It was painful and lonely." I am a breast cancer survivor, also; I discovered my first lump at age 31 and the second at age 41, each time praying to see my sons reach adulthood. I am one of those who have participated in the campaigns of the American Cancer Society in order to increase awareness and raise funds for services and research. During my first course of treatment, I felt that I was strong and could wage the battle alone. It was a hard, lonely, and frightening time. During the second course of treatment, I chose to let others help; an awe-inspiring number of people made themselves available to me. The reason I volunteer and cheer for the American Cancer Society is because of women like Ms. Hozman. I am grateful that after 23 years of fighting this beast I can still feel something.


Marion DePuit, BSN, RN


Hayward, CA