1. Frozena, Cynthia L. MSN, RN, OCN

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As a nurse with multiple sclerosis, my clinical practice opportunities are limited. I work full time as a medical writer and nurse consultant. I miss watching fellow RNs at work. I sometimes stood in awe of their brilliance, compassion, and determination.


Now the covers of AJN are giving me these same gifts. They are such affirming and joyous pictures. I especially love the three neonatal ICU nurses standing over their little patient (Clinging to Life, by Karen Pulfer Focht, cover, July 2005) and the picture of the older woman cradling the face of her nurse, who had obviously knelt down to ask how the patient was doing (untitled photograph by Mark Estes, cover, December 2005). These photos allow me to witness the best of nursing once again.


Cynthia L. Frozena, MSN, RN, OCN


Manitowoc, WI