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  1. Hand, Mark C. PhD, RN, CNE
  2. Reid, Ashley BSN


Background: Currently, there is a shortage of males holding faculty positions in schools of nursing. Minimal research has been conducted to address the shortage of male faculty.


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify factors related to recruitment and retention of men in the faculty role.


Methods: In this multisite descriptive design, 242 male faculty completed the electronic Nurse Educator Recruitment and Retention Survey.


Results: Top strategies regarding attraction to the role were opportunity to work with students and to help shape the nursing profession, and nurse faculty role modeling. Top recruitment strategies were increased salaries, employee benefits, having discussions with students, and flexibility in working hours. Retention strategies reported were a positive work environment and support from administration.


Conclusion: The factors identified from this study are essential for the recruitment and retention of men in faculty roles.