1. Bordelon, Curry DNP, NNP-BC
  2. Wood, Tara DNP, NNP-BC

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Advanced practice nursing (APN) students are required to develop enhanced knowledge and skills for disease processes across the life span. For graduate nursing faculty, assessment of the students' comprehensive understanding of disease management is an essential component of competency-based education. Peer learning is an evidence-based teaching method that supports a deeper understanding of complex concepts, encourages the development of skills in communication, and enables critical thinking. Teach the Teacher is a peer learning activity in which APN students develop essential competencies in communication and disease management. Faculty provides each student a disease pathology within the population focus. Each student develops a 7-minute video presentation to Teach the Teacher about the disease pathology including description, etiology, risk factors, clinical presentation, management, and outcomes. The presentation must include interactive content such as graphics, short instructional videos, mind maps, and family education. Presentations are uploaded to the assignment allowing for student peers within the course to post comments, provide peer feedback, and attach evidence-based articles to strengthen content knowledge. Faculty utilize the peer feedback during the grading process. Students expressed a deeper understanding of the content, felt more comfortable in discussing the pathology, and demonstrated improved performance on higher-stakes module examinations. Students can review all presentations for future examinations as well.