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  1. AlMekkawi, Mohamad PhD, RN
  2. Khalil, Rouwida El MHR, RN


Background: Nursing literature identifies difficulties facing new graduates in managing their responsibilities as registered nurses. The ability of new graduates to be practice-ready upon entry to the workplace remains a challenging concern for nurse educators.


Purpose: This study investigated the perceptions of senior students toward their readiness to practice safely and independently and perform registered nurses' job-specific requirements upon graduation.


Methods: A descriptive design using quantitative and qualitative methods was used to conduct the study. Data were collected from a sample of 117 senior nursing students in the United Arab Emirates using the Casey-Fink Readiness to Practice Survey.


Results: Senior students felt confident to manage the care of 2 to 3 patients, communicate with patients and interdisciplinary teams, solve clinical problems, prioritize patients' care, and recognize significant changes in patient conditions. Areas of concern were their ability to care for more than 3 patients, among others, such as caring for dying patients and performing catheter insertion/irrigation.


Conclusion: Students need better learning opportunities and closer guidance, support, and on-time feedback in clinical settings.