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It's hard to believe that yet another year has passed since we last celebrated National Case Management Week. Here at CMSA, we look forward to this special week when we can celebrate you, the professional practice of case management, and the progress we have made together. Case managers continue to step up in new and innovative ways and continue to improve health outcomes for patients and their families, while tackling challenges never imagined. The theme for Case Management (CM) Week 2022-Setting the Standard for Patient-Centered Care-reiterates the important work of case managers everywhere.


Setting the Standard for Patient-Centered Care

For case managers, the standards define the work and keep the focus on what is most important-the active collaboration between patients, their families, health care providers, and others involved in their care and support, to ultimately improve patient outcomes. Updated earlier this year, the CMSA Standards of Practice for Case Management serves as a unifying force for the professional practice of case management by providing a common understanding and application of the role, process, and expectations.


"CMSA was the first professional organization to issue standards of practice for case management," shares CMSA President, Colleen Morley. "Now on its fourth revision, the current Standards of Practice for Case Management reflect the DNA or building blocks of case management, as well as the ever-changing health care landscape and how professional case managers practice and interact within that environment. At the end of the day, the practice of case management is patient centered and dedicated to the best outcomes for our patients."


CM Week 2022 is the perfect opportunity to not only recognize our tireless case managers and their commitment to upholding the standards but also educate payers, providers, regulators, and consumers about the tremendous value case managers bring to the successful delivery of health care. Getting everyone involved in this celebration is imperative to expanding the awareness of the value of case management.


Here is how you can help celebrate National Case Management Week:


* Encourage your mayor, county executive, or governor to issue a local proclamation for National Case Management Week.


* Share CM Week posts on social media and promote awareness locally.


* Write letters or emails to your local news outlets to let them know about CM Week-Share your personal story for impact.



As an individual:


* Tell 10 other professionals you are a case manager and why your work is important.


* Offer to speak about case management at a local community event.



As an employer:


* Host an appreciation event for case managers.


* Profile case managers in a company e-Newsletter to raise awareness of the practice.


* Proclaim CM Week at your company and promote a new activity each day.


* Encourage local businesses to participate and celebrate with you.



As a health provider:


* Recognize case managers as members of the health care team and educate them on communicating effectively with you.


* Show your appreciation for what they do for your patients.



As a community member:


* Promote case managers by sponsoring health fairs, conduct preventive health screenings in underserved areas, or organize other services in your community.


* Host a celebration or reception to recognize a case manager in your community.


* Host professional seminars and workshops for health professionals in your community.


* Feature case managers and their work in your public forums and communication outlets.



Be sure to let CMSA know how you are celebrating so we can share the good news with the case management community.


CM Week is time to celebrate YOU, to honor the hard work and perseverance we see every day. CMSA National and Chapters have big plans in store not only for CM Week but also for the entire month of October. Be sure to check the CMSA website at or watch your email and the CMSA social media platforms for updates on events and celebrations happening in your area!