1. Bixby, Marcia MS, RN, CS, CCRN
  2. Schweon, Gary MS, RN
  3. Israel, Beth

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(1) Become familiar with the impact the CNS can have on product redesign. (2) Understand the process of product analysis to product implementation and evaluation.



Healthcare is continually challenged by changes in clinical practice that result in the necessity to continually monitor and improve supplies available for patient care. The practice of nursing involves both providing care to our patients as well as "engineering" the technology that is an integral part of patient care delivery. The CNS plays a pivotal role in facilitating the objective analysis of current and new care products in order to achieve a balance between clinical efficacy, safety, and cost. The CNS brings to this process a unique ability, which includes clinical expertise and established relationships with other stakeholders, as well as knowledge of current practice standards and the potential impact on patient outcomes. This presentation will discuss a successful approach to supplying value analysis in a 500-bed teaching institution. Charges of our teams include ongoing monitoring of supplies for appropriateness and cost effectiveness in patient care delivery and awareness of new products that potentially enhance safety and care outcomes. Collaborating with other disciplines, the CNS participates in all steps of the value analysis process. This includes identification of current product issues, promoting and coordinating assessment and new product trials, and providing education and protocols for assuring seamless transition into practice. Monitoring to assure that standards, protocols, and procedures are followed is part of this role. Discussion will include the identification of team members including CNSs, the process utilized to research, the implementation of product change, and strategies to minimize barriers and maximize successes along the journey.



The CNS has the clinical expertise to provide input into decisions that are made about new products or product redesign, and how the product will be implemented on the nursing units. Product analysis and redesign are made for many reasons: new products are available to improve care, cost of products, and the ability to get the product to the end user. The clinical expertise the CNS provides during this process brings the patient into the equation.



This presentation will describe the process for developing a supply redesign team, how the team works together to incorporate patient safety, the improvement in outcomes as well as lowered cost, and the role the CNS has as part of this team.



Utilization of the CNS as the clinical expert helped to identify which products needed to be reviewed, to determine if new products were appropriate, and to develop education and competency processes for successful product implementation for the staff nurses. Improved patient safety and cost savings are included as important outcomes.



Having the CNS as an integral part of the supply team helps facilitate decisions for new or revised products based on patient safety and user friendliness to the end user and assures a smooth transition of new or revised products from decision to bedside.