1. Cope, Ellen RN, CNS

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Show the impact that 2 CNSs made when added to a multidisciplinary wound team in a VA medical center.



The CNSs influenced patient care and nursing practice by being available for patients with wounds.



A multidisciplinary wound team was in existence for several years. The one CNS on the team could not follow up or even see all the wound team patients in the hospital. The chief of the team requested an addition of 2 CNSs, 1 a critical care educator and 1 a CNS in medicine. Both CNSs were very active in their own realms.



The CNSs developed parameters in the computerized nursing admission assessment to generate a CNS wound consult. They would assess the patient in a timely manner and make recommendations for care. They would bring in the full wound team if needed.



Wound consults increased as follows: 2002 consults, 44; 2003 consults, 133; 2004 consults, 122; first 6 months of 2005 consults, 168.



The wound team CNSs, by their availability, staff education, and clinical expertise, increased the wound team consults generated and, therefore, patients treated.