1. Dayhoff, Nancy E. EdD, RN
  2. Moore, Patricia S. MSN, RN, CDE, CNS

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The purpose of this presentation is to describe an innovative worksite self-care management program for employees. The program, Wise Health Decisions, was designed and implemented by 2 CNSs.



Prevention or delay in the onset of chronic diseases/conditions improves the health of adults and contributes to decreased employer healthcare costs. CNSs have the knowledge and skill to design worksite programs as an outreach of existing hospital programs or as freestanding entrepreneurial programs, such as the one discussed in this presentation.



One of the outcomes of CNS practice is that programs of care are designed for specific populations. A significant gap exists in programs to improve the outcomes for adults focused on self-care management of chronic diseases. Eighty percent of healthcare dollars pay for 20% of employees with chronic diseases. Innovative programs designed by CNSs, using the science of self-care management, can fill this gap.



Wise Health Decisions is an innovative worksite program that assists employees with self-care management for chronic diseases. The program includes individualized onsite teaching/coaching sessions and written materials that are targeted at assisting employees to become informed self-care managers in treating, preventing, or delaying chronic diseases.



Clinical and fiscal outcomes will be reported for 2 worksite programs implemented in 2004 to demonstrate the effectiveness of Wise Health Decisions. Outcomes will include clinical values associated with chronic conditions, cost avoidance healthcare-related charges, and pre/post program comparisons of insurance claims data.



Monthly worksite brief interventions improve the skills of employees as self-care managers and clinical outcomes and decrease or prevent costs to employers.