1. Dennison, Robin DNP, RN, CCNS

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To provide a step-by-step process for the development and implementation of a clinical practice model and/or guideline.



The focus on evidence in today's healthcare systems permeates decision making in clinical practice, leadership, and professional development. The CNS is in a unique position to lead the transformation of research evidence to practice.



The CNS typically acts as champion, change agent, and project manager in evidence-based projects such as development and implementation of clinical practice guideline (CPGs). This session will aid in the development of skills for success in the development and implementation of CPG.



The steps in the development of a CPG are: (1) Identification of problem and population; (2) Literature review and rating of the evidence; (3) Gap analysis; (4) Focus; (5)Identification of assumptions; (6) Development of a clinical practice model or guideline; (7) Implementation of CPG; (8) Evaluation of CPG; (9) Revision of CPG; and (10) Dissemination.