1. Dunn, Kathleen L. MS, RN, CRRN-A

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(1) To implement a program of Safe Patient Handling and Movement for nurses. (2) To ensure application of principles of Safe Patient Handling and Movement throughout the patient care setting.



Nurses are in the top 3 occupations of on-the-job injury in the USA. Decreasing nurse injuries will ensure a decrease in loss of experienced nurses to the profession and institution.



Change project to decrease injuries both by reengineering patient care areas and by changing culture related to patient handling and movement.



Process improvement project collected data, solicited administrative support, implemented and evaluated pilot project, used as justification for expansion, and provided cost-savings data.



Implementation of the project over the last 5 years has resulted in an estimated $2.4 million savings in both direct and indirect worker costs, increased staff satisfaction, and improved recruitment and retention of nurses.



A Safe Patient Handling and Movement Program can be successfully implemented by the CNS, can benefit the institution and individual nurses, and can positively impact patient care.