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mHealth, Hispanic, cardiovascular risk factors, cardiorespiratory fitness, self-management



  1. Rowland, Sheri A. PhD
  2. Ramos, Athena K. PhD
  3. Trinidad, Natalia MPH
  4. Quintero, Sophia MPH
  5. Johnson-Beller, Rebecca BSN
  6. Struwe, Leeza PhD
  7. Pozehl, Bunny PhD


Background: Hispanic/Latino adults have high rates of hypertension, obesity, and type II diabetes. Mobile health technologies (mHealth) are effective in supporting self-management of lifestyle behaviors; however, the effectiveness in rural Hispanic/Latino adults is unclear.


Objective: A pilot 12-week self-management mHealth intervention in rural Hispanic/Latino adults with cardiometabolic risk was conducted.


Methods: A randomized, 2-group (intervention and enhanced usual care) design was used to test the use of the MyFitnessPal app, a smart scale, and text messages to support daily self-monitoring of weight, food intake, and steps.


Results: Seventy participants enrolled. The intervention group had greater improvement in body mass index (P = .052) and waist circumference (P = .043) at 12 weeks and a trend toward greater fitness at 12 and 24 weeks. Both groups improved hemoglobin A1c level at 12 and 24 weeks.


Conclusions: mHealth using MyFitnessPal, smart scale, and text messages may be effective for improving aspects of cardiometabolic health in rural Hispanic/Latino adults.