1. Whitehead, Phyllis NACNS, PhD, APRN/CNS, ACHPN, PMGT-BC, FNAP, FAAN

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As we continue to advocate for the role and practice while promoting the value of CNSs, I and the Board of Directors have been busy collaborating with NACNS committees and other organizations to advance awareness of the importance of CNSs. Recently, I met with the American Society of Pain Management Nurses and the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses. There are a large number of Pain Management and Medical-Surgical CNSs, and it makes sense for our groups to work together. We are exploring additional similar relationships with other organizations. Other initiatives include:

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* We set a record with over 70 members applying for our elite Committees and Task Forces. Thank you to everyone who applied to help advocate for our roles and practice!


* "Ask Phee Phee" blog was unveiled recently too. Submit a question to "Ask Phee Phee" and I will respond. I promise to answer all questions. For true advocacy we need full transparency. Ask "Phee Phee" is found on the "Nursing News" page on the NACNS website, please submit any questions!


* We completed a survey of the top ten hospitals in the United States showing that the most advanced healthcare organizations in the world employ CNSs in a wide variety of positions.




* CNS Week is September 1-7 so be on the lookout for information this summer. Let's make 2022 CNS Week one to remember as we ADVOCATE for CNSs.


* Please mark your calendar for our upcoming Fall Summit "The CNS Advocacy Continuum: Bridging Academia and Practice," October 18-19 in New Orleans. It's not too late to sign up!




* Achievement Board: We know as CNSs that we make an impact every day. And now we want to make sure our healthcare institutions know. Health care systems with CNSs on staff experience better patient outcomes and lower cost on average. A primary reason for this is that CNSs are specially trained to create evidence-based, innovative interventions and treatments to improve patient care. We are the only nurses qualified to execute this critical position in a health care environment. Let us know your achievements and impact on our new Achievement Board. Send your successes and ideas to:


* Goal:89,000 Your advocacy efforts are making a difference in how CNSs are viewed as advanced practice registered nurses. Please keep up your efforts by asking a colleague to consider joining NACNS. We know that there are 89,000 CNSs in America. Let's get all 89,000 CNSs to join NACNS! It starts with you. All you have to do is ask one colleague to join NACNS.


* Do Something To Help Yourself If you have not already obtained your National Provider Identifier (NPI) please do so TODAY at The more CNSs that signup for NPI (free), the stronger our profession becomes. You are helping yourself by getting an NPI number. Make a note to get your NPI number this week. It is critical to quantify our numbers and values as we need to be recognized as advanced practice registered nurses by the Occupational Employment Wage Statistics formally the Standard Classification Standard which will be updated in 2024. NACNS is preparing our campaign to address this injustice, but we need YOU to complete your NPI registration.



I said it before, and I'll say it again: I will not stop advocating for CNSs[horizontal ellipsis]for YOU.


Together, we advocate for our patients, nursing organizations and ourselves. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE ADVOCATES.