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Barrier Therapeutics, Inc

Vusion Ointment. Indicated for infants with diaper dermatitis complicated by candidiasis (DDCC), this new steroid-free product is formulated with 0.25% miconazole nitrate, 15% zinc oxide, and 81.35% white petroleum. The formulation offers antifungal efficacy and provides a barrier to keep moisture away from the skin and aid in the healing process. Vusion Ointment is the first and only product approved and indicated to treat DDCC in infants aged 4 weeks and older, according to the manufacturer.


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SURGICEPT Waterless Hand Antiseptic. This is the newest product in the company's brush-free scrubbing antisepsis product line. Designed to provide rapid and persistent antimicrobial efficacy while moisturizing the skin, the 2-minute waterless scrub consists of 3 quick-drying applications. SURGICEPT contains ethyl alcohol as its main ingredient, and it comes in a touch-free, infrared-activated, metered-dose delivery system. SURGICEPT is applied and dries quickly, according to the manufacturer, and it is effective for the first scrub of the day and subsequent scrubs.


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