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holistic nursing care, hope, self-healing, storytelling, stroke



  1. Arnaert, Antonia MPA, PhD, RN
  2. Filteau, Nancy MSc(A), RN
  3. Sourial, Roza MSc(A), CNN(C), RN


Hope affects stroke survival positively and should therefore be facilitated via holistic nursing care. This qualitative study explored the perceptions of hope of 8 stroke patients during the acute care phase. Data generated 5 themes: storytelling, vision of hope, worries and concerns for the future, type of hope, and self-healing. Two types of hope were identified; with a "passive type of hope," participants retained disturbed feelings preventing progression; with an "active type of hope," participants expressed progression from suffering to a healing phase. Knowledge of this progression of phases of hope type can inform on training for effective nursing care to facilitate self-healing.