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UrAssist, a urine collection and containment system for men and women with limited mobility, debuted at MedTrade, a home healthcare industry show, in March 2006.


Created by Preferred Medical Devices (Boca Raton, FL), UrAssist is a discreet, portable unit that uses a proprietary vacuum pump-assisted technology. The battery-operated, noninvasive system quietly draws urine from a collection cup through a plastic tube into a collection bag that stores a day's amount of urine.


UrAssist is designed for individuals suffering from urge or functional incontinence, including the disabled, elderly people, patients with spinal cord injury, those who underwent postoperative rehabilitation, and those who are bedridden. The unit weighs 3 lb when empty and easily attaches to most wheelchairs and scooters. The bag is stored within the unit, which has audio and visual alarms to alert users when the bag is full.


UrAssist is a noninvasive system. Because moisture content near the user is reduced, the risk of skin irritation, rashes, sores, and infection is potentially diminished. UrAssist may also reduce the incidence of infection and treatment costs resulting from catheterization and slip-and-fall accidents from hurrying to the bathroom.


UrAssist requires only periodic rinsing and replacement of the collection cup, tube, and containment bag. The rechargeable battery lasts up to 2 weeks.


The UrAssist system is designed to serve a significant number of the estimated 2.5 million people in wheelchairs, 275 000 patients with spinal cord injury (with 11 000 new cases per year), and 54 million people with disabilities. Elderly individuals with mobility and incontinence problems and acute care postsurgery patients could also benefit from using the device.


UrAssist will be available by early summer 2006 and will be sold through a network of home medical equipment dealers. For more information, visit