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cultural diversity, hospice nursing, palliative nursing, transcultural nursing



  1. Jenko, Mimi MN, RN, CHPN
  2. Moffitt, Susan Raye MSN, ARNP-BC


Providing end-of-life care that is meaningful to each family, that honors a deep appreciation for the sanctity of human life, requires nurses to develop cultural competence. It is noted that many cultural variations exist in the dying process, in what is considered culturally meaningful, and in what constitutes a good death.Using transcultural nursing concepts as a theoretical base, this article will provide an overview to the hospice practitioner who might be unfamiliar with these concepts. Additionally, a framework is provided to assist with assessments and interventions in multicultural situations. Three specific ethical areas, germane to hospice care, are also discussed: (1) sharing bad news, (2) locus of decision making, and (3) advance directives. Throughout the article, numerous clinical examples are used to underscore the presented concepts.