1. Manojlovich, Milisa PhD, RN, CCRN

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This nonexperimental, survey-designed research queried a random sample of 500 hospital nurses on their perceptions of the work environment, nurse-physician communication, and job satisfaction. Three hundred thirty-two (66%) nurses responded. The combination of work environment and nurse-physician communication explained 61% of the variance in nurses' job satisfaction. Nurses may not be aware that using factors in the environment may be a potential long-term strategy to improve job satisfaction.


Managers can help nurses recognize that critical factors in the work environment affect not only the ability to provide quality patient care but also job satisfaction. This study provides compelling evidence of the effect of the work environment on both the nursing process of registered nurse-medical doctor communication and the outcome of nursing job satisfaction.


Research supported by the Janet Gatherer Boyles Endowed Clinical Research Award and the Carl Pursell Endowed Nursing Research Award through the University of Michigan School of Nursing Grants and Research Office.