1. Mensik, Jennifer S. MBA/HCM, RN

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The growing body of research on nursing work force issues such as the work environment, job satisfaction, and outcomes has provided important new directions for improving quality and safety. To date, much of the research in nursing systems science has used contingency-based organizational theories that provide an understanding of how concepts such as the environment, technology, socialization, and structure can influence outcomes or effectiveness in healthcare. The understanding and use of both the cognitive-motivation and social schools of thought from the organizational literature allow nursing researchers and administrators to develop a true systems' understanding of not only how the individual acts upon the organization but how the organization acts upon the individual. These new perspectives will lend themselves to a better understanding and manipulation of variables, such as how to select managerial practices that may have an impact on improving patient outcomes. Exploration of modern organizational theories may provide a better explanation of issues in today's healthcare environment.