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  1. Jalonen, Paivi PhD[spacing diaeresis]
  2. Virtanen, Marianna PhD, RN
  3. Vahtera, Jussi MD, PhD
  4. Elovainio, Marko PhD
  5. Kivimaki, Mika PhD[spacing diaeresis]


Objective: To examine sociodemographic, work-related factors and psychological health as predictors of sustained organizational commitment among temporary hospital employees.


Background: The participants were 412 nurses who had a temporary job contract and reported being committed to their organization at baseline.


Methods: Organizational commitment was measured again 2 years later.


Results: The results of logistic regression analysis showed that age over 35 years, high job control, high participative safety, high perceived justice in decision making, and low psychological distress predicted sustained organizational commitment at follow-up. The change from temporary employment to a permanent job and high job control predicted sustained organizational commitment even after the effect of all the other predictors was taken into account.


Conclusion: Organizations that employ temporary workers should pay attention to the job control and career prospects of temporary staff.