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  1. Mohammed, Ribwar A. PhD, MSc, BSc
  2. Lafi, Samir Y. PhD, MSc, BSc


In relation to endoscopic practices, particularly a colonoscopy, patient education is required to maximize the quality of bowel preparation. Thus, the intention of this study is to examine how personalized patient education prior to a colonoscopy influences the quality of bowel preparation. A quasi-experimental post-test design was employed at the Kurdistan Center for Gastroenterology Hepatology and the Ebin Sina Center in Iraq from December 21, 2019, to September 30, 2020. Of 270 participants, 219 were selected for data analysis. The mean age (SD) of the participants was 41.18 (15.22), with a median of 41 years and a slightly higher percentage (58.4%) of females in comparison with males (41.6%). The bowel preparation quality of the control and intervention groups in the two centers was based on the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale scores and there was a significant difference (p < .001) of M +/- SD between the control (5.79 +/- 1.123) and experimental (7.52 +/- 1.225) groups. Findings suggest a personalized educational program is having a significant impact on increasing the quality of bowel preparation.