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Nurses, Nursing informatics, Professional competence, Psychometrics, Validation study



  1. Jang, Seon Mi PhD, RN
  2. Kim, Jeongeun PhD, RN


Much of the research on nursing informatics competence has been conducted in a Western context. Thus, this study aimed to develop the Korean Nursing Informatics Competence Assessment Scale for clinical nurses and to evaluate its validity and reliability. A total of 52 items were derived based on the hybrid model. After a content validity test by six experts and item evaluation by 20 nurses, the scale was revised to include 35 items. For this study, 214 nurses completed the nursing informatics competence assessment scale to verify the scale's reliability and validity. Confirmatory factor analysis revealed five factors composed of 20 items; the fit index of the derived model was good. A positive correlation between scores on the nursing informatics competence scale and the patient safety competence scale (r = .66, P < .001) was found for the criterion-related validity test. Cronbach's [alpha] was .91, indicating that the instrument is reliable and stable. Overall, this study provides preliminary evidence for the validity and reliability of the Korean nursing informatics competence assessment scale to evaluate clinical nurses. This study contributes to the understanding and improvement of nursing informatics competence by providing a reliable scale for assessing clinical nursing practice.